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Our products include both domestic and imported fish shipped whole, H&G and filleted. All of our products are handled and processed in our HACCP approved facility here in Chicago. We invite you to contact us to see if we can be of service or benefit to you and your business.



With its firm, moist texture, and beautiful orange to deep red appearance, Salmon is a highly versatile and popular fish. From sushi to satays to entrees, you can't go wrong with the distinctive flavor of Salmon. There are several species of Salmon, each with its own particular flavor profile, which ranges from mild to robust, depending on the oil content of the flesh. It cooks quickly and is done when the meat becomes flaky and changes color.



An American favorite, farm-raised catfish has a firm texture and mild flavor. This very popular fish can be prepared in wide variety of styles. Available fresh or frozen, our Catfish can be purchases whole, filleted or steaked.



Trout is one of the most abundant of the freshwater fish. The most common, rainbow trout is also the best known. Found in freshwater lakes and streams, the trout is similar in flavor and texture to salmon. The meat is delicate and when cooked breaks away in small flakes.



Considered one of the finest of the freshwater fish; the walleye has clean, white meat with a small flake. Its sweet, mild in flavor and texture.



Perhaps the premier freshwater fish of North America, the perch has wonderful white, mild meat and a fairly delicate texture.



Ocean Perch also known as redfish are relatively small, pink-fleshed fish which are low in fat and full of vitamins and omega 3's. They are mild in flavor, absorb flavors well and suitable for a wide range of dishes. Ocean perch make a delicious grilled, blackened, sauteed, poached, or pan-fried fish dish and are sublime if stuffed with crabmeat or vegetables and baked.



Because Whitefish is found in icy mountain lakes mostly from Canada it has a high fat content making it one of the best-tasting freshwater fish. The meat is medium-firm with a large flake with a mild flavor that is more like salmon than trout.



Commonly used as the fish in "Fish n' Chips," Atlantic cod is a menu staple. Its sizeable, thick fillets are high in moisture and produce large, tender flakes when cooked. It is a lean fish with a pure taste. Raw fillets appear white or pinkish in color. Cooked, it is opaque white.



Alaska offers a bounty of flatfish, four of the most popular species. Whether they are called sole or flounder, all share similar characteristics of lean and delicate flavor and texture. The largest flatfish fishery in the United States, yellowfin sole is a small fish that averages less than a pound when harvested. A much larger fish, arrowtooth flounder is also very abundant and characterized by a soft texture.



Pasteurized crabmeat has long been a favorite of many kitchens due to its stability. Because the process locks in the freshness and flavor of the meat, it remains robust and flavorful making it ideal for crab cakes, souffles and salads, even pizza.

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