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At Chicago Seafood another service we provide is that of warehousing and cold storage for the food service industry. When your product arrives, it is offloaded and then put into lots per each customer's specifications. The quantity, condition and temperature of the product are verified before storing it. We provide freezer, cooler and dry storage areas for your products depending on the type and storage temperature requirements of the product.

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When an order is placed for the release of your product, we then 'pick' the order and prepare it as per the customers instructions. Orders can either be customer pickups, picked up by common carrier or shipped via our trucks. Thanks to our extensive distribution network and combined with the volume of shipments we handle daily, many of the customers storing product with us are able to consolidate orders for shipment to their customers on our trucks thus providing them with considerable savings over standard rates of common carriers. At Chicago Seafood we take great care in how shipments of your stored product are handled.

Chicago Seafood offers the following storage services: